Who is Black Label Aquatics?


Combine the experiences of over 31 years in saltwater care and husbandry between a reef geek (FarmerTy) and a seasoned owner of a local fish store (Jake Wand) and you have Black Label Aquatics. Our mission is to build on our already expansive high-end aquacultured coral selections while bringing in the newest, hottest, and rarest gems through our priority contacts in the importing world, giving you the customer, access to the best combination of rare homegrown corals and conditioned imports.

Ty graduated with a degree in Ocean and Coastal Resources from A&M University. He spent 10 years of his career as a scientist which has contributed to his reef keeping skill sets. Jake majored in Marine Biology at the University of Texas at Austin. He has owned and operated River City Aquatics since 2008. Years of operating a retail store in the ornamental aquarium industry has allowed Jake access to some of the country's finest coral importers.


While being the best vendor you’ve ever crossed paths with is our goal, in the background, we have a desire to change the hobby forever. We will be setting up dedicated tanks and aim to move the hobby to an even more sustainable future than just fragging and mariculture. Imagine if you will, completely captive-spawned and raised hybrid corals! Not only will it take some pressure off of wild collecting and mariculture, but the hybrid combinations that could come out of the process, absolutely unique…Truly rare gems that have no equal. This transformative endeavor is something we will attempt to hone and perfect over the years to share with the industry the fruits of our labor.


How are we different than other vendors? We approach the business with a mindset that each customer is our personal client. We have over 26 years of customer service experience and aim to make sure each and every customer is completely satisfied with their purchase. Accurate WYSWIYG (What You See is What You Get) pictures, responsive communication, and a comprehensive Arrive Alive guarantee are the foundations of our customer service.